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I grew up as an art kid and a computer geek in war-torn Yugoslavia. I spent my childhood making films, followed by a decade-long career as a film director and producer. Eventually, a yearning to challenge myself and advance my skillset influenced me to make a leap into the Software Engineering field. I was accepted into App Academy, an SWE bootcamp program with less than a 5% acceptance rate. In 24 weeks, I’ve gained knowledge in both frontend and backend development using JavaScript and Python programming languages and dozen other technologies.

My work consists of collaborative as well as independent projects, all listed in my portfolio. I would pinpoint a project, Fokus - an e-commerce platform for trading vintage film cameras. The frontend is built in React with Redux, securing the seamlessness and immediate responsiveness of the app while improving the UX. It utilizes the user’s session storage to successfully store and display the user’s shopping cart items. Styling, including the photo carousel, is pure CSS with no outside libraries or frameworks. The backend is built in Python, featuring PostgreSQL database management system and SQLAlchemy ORM. The app is deployed via Docker containerization.

I discovered profound happiness in developing software that makes filmmaking more accessible to aspiring artists. When I’m not coding, I am out photographing, making films, or engaging in nostalgic conversations about Europe over a pint.

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More skills listed on my resume!

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