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"The heart of a poet and the skin of an elephant. That is what a director has to be." - Mira Nair, film director

Uki's directorial work is heavily influenced by his cultural background, his queerness, and the simplest joy of making pictures. From working with actors to achieve freedom and childlike sincerity on-camera to nailing that perfect shot composition with the crew behind the camera, Uki is always completely immersed in every aspect of filmmaking. Willingly and wholeheartedly.



Moony's Kid Don't Cry 
by Tenessee Williams

Directed by Uki Pavlovic, and starring Elizabeth Maille and Jesse Lehman, Moony's tells a story of a young couple's pursuit of happiness under the smokescreen of a 20th-century industrial American city.

Moony's premiere took place in Daejeon, South Korea in 2019, followed by a week-long run in Gwangju, SK, as part of DipFe and Gwangju International Piece Theater Festivals.

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