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Five artists run a lucrative, yet not so legal BnB in Brooklyn

to fund their pipe dreams.

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THI Production Details

What would actors do?

This is the question that started the whole project. And throughout the writing process it had served as a constant reminder that this was not a show about acting career. It's rather about everything else that comes in life, only the persepctive on it is the one of an actor. 

The Highlands Inn touches upon immigration, art, chosen family, and the hustle of New York.

The Highlands Inn Season I (1).00_30_35_21.Still002.jpg

The idea for The Highlands came about in 2018. It took two years, countless drafts, and some major changes in our lives for it to morph into what we have today. For the entire cast and crew it had come at a time when our industry came to a complete halt and staying inspired and focused was out of reach.

The production was almost entirely crowdfunded.

Principal photography started in October 2020.

Postproduction took place between The Balkans and New York and invloved many artists with different backgrounds. We are proud that this project served as a platform for artists to celebrate cinema thorugh different cultural prisms.

The Highlands premiered in July 2021.

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